Monday, April 17, 2017

Alec Omell Week 13

Video Explanation about my Rude Goldberg system
Picture of the main electrical components of the circuit

Picture of the cart the cart that will activate the display

Picture of the winding mechanism

Picture of the motor, switch and strain gauge. The strain gauge will be displayed on the oscilloscope 

Video of successful attempt

Video of a failed attempt

One of the more challenging aspects of the Rube Goldberg system was the mechanical portion of the project. The building of the circuit was the easy part, for me. However, trying to figure out what pieces to use on the motor, the type of string, the diameter of wheels, etc. A lot of trial and error was used to figure out what I should use. I did you prior knowledge to infer on certain parts. I wasn't going to pick a really large wheel for example because their would be more friction. 

The string that cranks the wagons in gave me a huge headache. It continuously got tangled and I tried using different string, different motors, different tensions. Finally I came to the conclusion of the correct string, with the correct motor speed and motor piece that winds the string.

Group Task:
Mary's circuit will inevitably release a golf ball to flow down a ramp which will collide into my switch and activate the circuit. It is unclear right now what is happening electrically with the circuit. However, that is a summed up version of the mechanical process.

There is no group video because the other circuits are incomplete. We have a group of and only 2 power supplies so it is difficult to work on the projects at the same time. For that reason, that project is theoretically working. However, we have no footage, or attempts at the circuit. This is, as stated before, because of the lack of resources.


  1. Have a better circuit drawing Alec. Otherwise, you are fine.

  2. Your mechanical part of your circuit seems to be one of the most complex in the class. I thought you were going to be the end, judging by the display that you create with the music. However, I am curious to see how you get the ping pong ball to trigger the next circuit. Your circuit drawing makes this circuit look way too simple.