Monday, April 17, 2017

Mary Stepho's Blog for Week 13


My circuit will start by a switch which isn't shown when that switch is triggered by the person before me my circuit will turn on 3 displays. The displays will have the numbers 393 written on them. That will go to an XOR gate. The input of the XOR gate will be 1 and 0 so the output will become a 1 and that output will travel to a relay. From the relay the output of it will send current to an LED. The LED will go to a photocell and that will power a motor to spin. Once the motor is spinning it will release a ping pong ball that is placed behind a gate and the ball will roll down a ramp I made and that will set off Alec's circuit. 


Failed attempt

Success Attempt

3) I had one failure and that was my LED was placed correctly so that caused my motor which needs my LED to turn on fail. I re-looked at my circuit and figured it out. I also learned that I do need to add something extra to my circuit because it isn't the most complicated out of everyone else's.

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