Monday, April 10, 2017

Alec Omell's Blog Week 12

A computer drawing of the circuit diagram

Fig1: Switch that activates the whole system

Fig 2: The OP amp, transistor and photo cell that supply current and voltage to the motor

Fig 3: The motor that winds the string and pulls the carts towards them

Fig 4: the cart collides with ramp and the ball rolls down

Fig 5: DMM measures the voltage being output by the straingauge

Fig 6: the strain gauge is measuring the force of the motor

Fig 7: A setup of the function motor piece that properly winds the carts

FIg 8: the secondary cart that will be used to activate a phone

Fig 9: The primary cart that will be used to transport the ball

First Attempt at the Rude Golderberg system
Second Attempt at the Rude Golderberg system

Third Attempt at the Rude Golderberg system

Video Explanation about my Rude Goldberg system

One of the more challenging aspects of the Rube Goldberg system was the mechanical portion of the project. The building of the circuit was the easy part, for me. However, trying to figure out what pieces to use on the motor, the type of string, the diameter of wheels, etc. A lot of trial and error was used to figure out what I should use. I did you prior knowledge to infer on certain parts. I wasn't going to pick a really large wheel for example because their would be more friction. 

The string that cranks the wagons in gave me a huge headache. It continuously got tangled and I tried using different string, different motors, different tensions. Finally I came to the conclusion of the correct string, with the correct motor speed and motor piece that winds the string.


  1. I loved your mechanical contraption and how you utilized your phone and scope. Only thing is a technical circuit drawing that is embedded in your drawing.

  2. I like your setup its cool and involves many different things like your phone and even 2 separate cars. It was a cool idea to have the cart touch activate something on your phone.

  3. Very cool mechanical features alec! I realized too late that the mechanical features were actually the focus of the project and that the circuit was actually somewhat secondary in terms of complication. In order for the circuit to last enough time you need multiple mechanical components so good job realizing this early alec and planning for this.

  4. Well done, really elaborate. How do you ensure that the cart will go directly where you need it to go? Would a railing or guide help?

  5. Very cool set up, I love the idea of using music in your Rube Goldberg! Also, for the mechanical side I feel that you are not showing very much, at least in how your project stands now.