Monday, April 10, 2017

Mary Stepho's Blog Week 12

1) This is the computerized version of my Circuit Schematic

2) Here are more in depth pictures and both of my attempts with 1 failed attempt.

This is my circuit from the left.

This is my circuit from the front.

This is my circuit from the right.

Here is a video showing my first attempt which failed. The switch, displays, op-amp, relay, and LED, and photocell, and transistor work fine. I came to realize that my motor wasn't connected correctly. I placed one of its end in the power supply when it was supposed to go to ground.

Failed attempt as explained above.

This is my second attempt which was a success, because I fixed my earlier problem of the error in motor connection to my breadboard.

Successful attempt as explained above.

3) There were 2 tricky things I had to figure out in this lab. One was how was I going to be flashy at the end, because I am the last person, and how was I going to make everything work.

I addressed the first problem with Kaya. I decided instead of knocking down domino's to spell out 393 I would instead make a rig that will let out a helium balloon. I am still in the process of designing that rig, but my circuit works perfectly.

The second problem was how was I going to make all of these components work with one another. I decided to list all of the components I wanted to use, and then went back to previous weeks as referencing to what I was using. This helped a lot because it reminded me of how these components like the photocell or relay, etc..., are set up. So then I mimicked those blogs and made it fit my personal circuit and that solved my second problem.


  1. Mary, as I told you yesterday, I expect a quite flash ending. So far, I do not see any mechanical parts. Have your circuit drawing in a circuit drawing program. Use of circuits is a bit simple.

  2. I'm curious what the AC voltage source is used for, as I can not see other than it is connected to the EGR light-up display. Other than that, well done. I know that you've updated it a bit more since this post.

  3. An extremely efficient set up, and pleasing to the eye, due to the limited amount of wires. I also agree with Dr. Kaya, however, there does not seem to be any mechanical component besides the button itself.