Saturday, April 8, 2017

Nick Polega Week 12

Nick Polega RB Idea

1. Provide the computer drawing for your individual RG setup.

2. Explain your setup.
My plan starts with the ball from Alec's circuit knocking down dominoes. The dominoes will split into two paths, with staggered timing (to demonstrate the AND gate). One path will end with a domino falling on the FORCE RESISTOR and the other will end with a domino attached to a cloth covering the PHOTO-RESISTOR. When this happens, these two components will have a small enough resistance at this point to have voltage flow to the AND GATE. This gate will do two things once it has an output: allowing a message to display across the six 7-SEGMENT DISPLAYS and acting as the positive input on the NON-INVERTING AMPLIFIER. This will amplify the voltage enough to switch the RELAY. The now switched relay will power a MOTOR to spin and lift a weight using a pulley. The lifting of this weight will trigger the next RB.
Edit 4/11/17: I was unable to figure out the AND gate and the photoresistor correctly before the deadline. I am still interested in incorporating these elements into my circuit perhaps with my group's help. Also, two more non inverting amps were needed to get the displays as bright as I wanted them.
3. Provide photos of the circuit and setup.
4. Provide at least 2 videos of your setup in action (parts or whole), at least one being a failed attempt.
5. What failures did you have? How did you overcome them?
My biggest problem was coming up with a decent circuit design. At first, I was trying to use a solar panel to begin my circuit. These kept breaking on me repeatedly so I lost a lot of time trying to fix/find a new one. After taking a deep breath, I eventually just decided to scrap my previous design altogether. This led to a lot of time lost but I overcame it by talking/taking suggestions from classmates and managing my time more efficiently after class Monday.


  1. More complicated circuit is needed. As we talked, you can have Nick's ball rolling action to do something extra. Your blog is also missing pictures and videos.

  2. I like your mechanical part now. Have a blinking LED while your motor is going on the button. That will suffice the circuit complication.

  3. From your circuit diagram and explaination I like that you will use FSR and photo sensor just as inputs for one thing which is and gate, and hope FSR work well with you because in my circuit it needs heavy weight to start. Also I have same idea " relay will start motor on". I suggest you to add a mechanical part after and gate to start displays on.
    Good job

  4. I've had no luck with the photoresistor. I hope it works for you. Which inputs will be used for your OR gate? Will you be having light shine on the photoresistor and then cover it so that you will have an on and off for the gate?